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Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is one of the best exercise for getting a healthy body and even very much helpful in curing various health issues. So, to get in shape and moreover in a perfect shape, yoga is the best workout one can perform regularly and in addition to that performing basic mudras with the yoga asana regularly can be one of the best workout for you. Start with the basic yoga and then steadily step forward to the other asana as this will help you to perform the asanas correctly and the basic yoga asana performed in the beginning will give your body muscles some flexibility and strength. Stepping forward here we are listing some of the best asana or you can say the most effective Yoga for Weight Loss that will help you lose weight quickly and get a shaped body.

Introducing you with the main Yoga for Weight Loss, a short list with all the asana known for weight loss starts here:

1. Bhujangasana: This asana is also known as “cobra pose” and is really an important pose in Surya Namaskar. To do this asana lie upside down on the mat. Making your palms perpendicular to the floor give all your upper body weight on your hands and taking a long breath push your upper body in an upward direction and you head bending backward in such a way that you can see the sky and your legs should be straight and stretched, than release. Repeat this asana for 4-5 minutes. This asana basically stretches your abdominal muscles and so helps to reduce your belly fat too. So, this asana is really good for reducing your belly fat.

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2. Chaturanga Dandasana: Normally known as “Plank Pose”, this asana is very much effective for the toning of body muscles especially your arms, biceps and triceps. This pose is mainly about balancing your whole body weight on your hands. Lie straight I upside down position and making your arms perpendicular to the floor push your whole body upward making it parallel to the ground and giving all your body weight on your hands and toes. Stay in the same position for some time and then relax. This pose strengthens your body muscles and mainly is known for the toning of arms.

3. AdhoMukha Svanasana: This is another asana for reducing your arm fat and toning the muscles of arms and this asana is also known as “Downward Dog Pose”. In this asana, basically you have to position your upper body and your body weight on your hands. To do this asana, come on your knees and palms, in the next step stretch your arms straight on the ground and from your knees go on your foot. This will lift your middle body upward giving a stretch to your arms and spinal cord. This asana will tone your arm muscles and strengthen your spinal cord. It stretches your spinal cord and makes it more flexible. Bending your knees come back to your starting position.

4. Naukasana: This asana is basically for burning your stubborn body fat in which you have to lift your whole body just on your hips. This pose is also known as “Boat Pose”. For this asana lie on your back and lift your legs upward taking it inward and lift your upward body and arms stretching it towards your legs. This needs some practice but steadily you will be able to perform this asana perfectly and this see saw like position is good for reducing your belly fat and will also help you to tone your abs.

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5. Anantasana: This asana is also known as Vishnu’s Couch Pose and is basically known for the toning of abdominal fat and this also improves blood circulation of the body. Lie on one side on the mat. Make yourself comfortable by placing your one arm on floor and balancing your body by giving head support. Raising your other arm and leg upward stretch it straight touching your toes with your arms. This Vishnu pose gives a good abdominal strength and also your arms and legs. Repeat this exercise for the other side too.

These are some of the main exercise and Yoga for Weight Loss. So, including these into your daily schedule can really help you get into perfect body shape. These yoga poses can improve your blood circulation and even strengthen your body muscles.

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