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Water Diseases

Water Diseases

Water is an essential part of our life. And as everyone is aware that only 2.5% of drinking water is available on earth. We usually talk about staying healthy, eating healthy and keeping ourselves in a hygienic state, but have we ever thought how to get rid of diseases which we suffer from water, or to think about how to drink water safely? Almost everywhere in our routines, we use water from brushing our teeth to having our food, cooking our food, everywhere there is a use of water. If we don’t drink safe water then directly it can jaundice, which means the presence of blood in our body will turn into water and if it is at an adverse side then can lead to death even. In India, we have got all weathers even rains, this helps to retain back from the hot sun but also comes with an invitation of viral and bacterial, food poisoning, which takes away the fun of enjoying this beautiful weather. Road are seen floaded with water and mosquitoes roaming around that stay water in pits There are a several number of diseases that are caused by water such as, typhoid, diarrhea, jaundice, food poisoning etc. Water borne diseases are not only caused by but mosquitoes as well. Mosquito borne diseases like, dengue, chikungunia and malaria. These diseases don’t come with an invitation but can lead to deadly results. In earlier times, women were seen going to tube wells and wells far away from their homes just to fetch water. They use to fetch water from an open well where there is no guarantee that the water they will use for their consumption is pure. Thus this unawareness amongst them causes diseases which leads directly to death as there were no treatments available. And today, we see rivers with all polluted water and children playing in that water, all that polluted water comes from industrial areas, where their dying houses let all the waste into the rivers. These chemicals make the water polluted and in villages where people aren’t aware of these activities intake this water and fall ill. Water diseases are now being cured because of an advancement in our medication facilities available to every individual, these diseases can be cured and also several awareness programmes are introduced by the government. Water is essential and the diseases caused are dangerous for health.

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