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Usage Of Drugs

Usage Of Drugs


Drugs, this word dosent mean only taking in of tobacco etc., but also drugs are there in our medicines. Basically Usage of drugs makes a human being addictive if they are taken in excess quantity. They make our muscles weak and also takes away our mental and physical strength. Drugs in a lay man laguage means to abuse your own body by making it addictive to something which will kill you inside slowly and gradually taking all the strength away and destroying all our mental abilities. Drugs are in trend, people of every generation are getting addictive to drugs and noone knows why this is happening and how this is happening. Our nation has a large number of population living and drugs are destroying the youth of our country. The usage of drugs is just like air in the atmosphere. In parts of Punjab, we can openly see the use of drugs and people are so addictive that they are ready to pay as much amount as the supplier wants.

The number of suppliers are increasing day by day,the work of these suppliers is to make drugs available to common people so that they can intake it. The producers of medicinal frugs put a huge quantity of it in the medicine so as when the consumer intakes these medicines,his or her body gets addictive to it and they get in a habit of taking that particular medicine and thus this is how addivtion of drugs through medicines take s place. In today’s date, drugs have become an abuse and an addiction also it is now being seen as a social problem. People who intake drugs start to loose their memory and even get paralysed. And also it has been seen that if drugs are not made available to its users they even die. Drugs is a diorder which weakens the human brain and also causes a change in the human behaviour.

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An individual can stop in taking the drugs only of his or her will power is strong and he or she has an intention to leave. Otherwise, there is no other medication which can make an individual leave this habit. Through advancement in technology and sciences we can see how drugs work when they are being intake. And further how their lives are affected and abused. In India, one can see how the intake of drugs is taking place in every generation. Government has now made available and open up camps to treat the patients who are addictive to drugs and there are positive results which can be seen. People are treated through several methods and are very effective which makes their lives a healthy living like before.

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