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Super Drink For Stomach Pain and Constipation

Super Drink For Stomach Pain and Constipation

Stomach Pain and constipation are the two main problems that every second individual faces in their life. Very common but very severe problem that can affect other internal organs of your body too and so it is really important to get relief and treat it with all care and as soon as possible. Talking about a simple treatment that can be very helpful in this case and that is suggested by everyone is “club soda”. Club soda is the carbonated water that is also known as the sparkling water that is suggested by our elders to be a great remedy for problems related to stomach pain and digestion problems like constipation. Sounds simple but is actually complex, the pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen can be severe sometimes and can cause nausea, this situation is also known as Dyspepsia which can be improved by drinking carbonated water instead of simple tap water.

The super drink for the simple yet severe cause is “Club Soda” which grants us many benefits but treating the problem of upset stomach and indigestion is very common in this case. If you face the problem of indigestion than make sure that you don’t ignore it as this causes gastric discomfort to you and even also give rise to the problem of acidity which really causes discomfort and gives you uncomfortable sensations and moreover this also effects your health and gives rise to various problems slowly and steadily which can have really bad results in future. Indigestion is a problem caused because of various ailments and improper malfunctioning of digestive system that gives rise to this problem of Indigestion. Talking about the problems that can be caused if such minor problems are ignored for a long time, these include the problem of ulcer pancreas, gastro esophageal reflux disease usually known as GERD and not only this but it is a slow process that might cause serious problems like cancer too.

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Try treating your problem of indigestion by giving a try to SODA WATER as this water is manufactured with simple tap water by adding sodium bicarbonate to it to make it slightly alkaline and also by adding carbon dioxide gas that creates bubbles. This carbonated water helps in curing the problem of indigestion as sodium bicarbonate which is usually known as baking soda helps in neutralizing the excess of acid that is present in the stomach which gives rise to the problem of indigestion.

Another simple remedy and most commonly a home remedy of getting rid of digestion problem is TONIC WATER. Tonic water is same as soda water to some extent but this water contains other more ingredients as compared to soda water basically some sweeteners and flavors giving it a different taste and mainly the flavor of quinine which is used in treating malaria and related disease but this is also useful in treatment of indigestion and the cramps in your muscles.

Other than this various antacids are also there that can easily treat your problem of constipation and indigestion making you safe from getting affected from other serious problems. Through various researches, it is found that people who drink carbonated water experiences more relief from the problems of constipation and other stomach problems as compared to those who drink still water. Get relief from the problems of indigestion and constipation and other stomach problems by drinking tonic water or soda water and if not cured than also make sure you see your doctor before your problem is worsened and other internal organs get affected.

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