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A basic and an important nutrient especially for the athletes as good intake of protein help in boosting up the performance of the sports persons. And athletes needs more amount of protein as compared to the other individuals. The reason of the good amount of protein intake for the sports person is important is because this supplement helps in building of muscles, fast digestion, increases the level of immunity and thus makes the immune system healthy.

There are various supplements of Proteins except protein powder that are to be taken by the sports person and these supplements include:

Egg white- It is a dairy free protein which is a high quality protein because it contains all the essential amino acids that are important. So, usually sports persons consume good amount of eggs regularly to meet up the needs of essential body proteins.

Casein Protein- This is an essential as well as a common protein that is rich in tyrosine and proline and is also found in cow’s milk. This is a long lasting type of protein which is not advised to take just before or after workout. Protein is an essential source and a good supplement for the sports individuals as it is the main thing for boosting up the energy level which I really important for the athletes.


An important source for the trainers and body builders is amino acids that can be taken singly or in other combinations as well. It is really helpful in muscle building and improving the body strength. The reason why this is known to be an important source is because it helps in quick recovery after workout and so is a very important thing for the sports persons to take as it is responsible for the improvement in the athlete performance as with amino acids the power and strength increases.

Take it like tablets or in any other form it will not harm you in any way. Some of the important amino acids include:

Glutamine- A type of amino acid which is like a n energy source, immune enhancer etc is best known for the recovery of the sportsperson after the workout period. So, it is a type of energy resource which not only balances the functioning of immune system alone but also balances nitrogen. So, it is suggested to take around 3-4g of glutamine regularly or as required.

BCCAs- The only amino acids that are used directly by the muscles at the time of exercise are very unique. The branched chain amino acids mainly promotes greater fat and weight loss and is helpful in controlling the level of glucose making them adequate as required. You should prefer taking it before workout as gives you lighter stomach while working out.


The tablets made using the best sources of protein are convenient to take in order to meet the requirements of protein in your body. Especially if you are a sports person, you need to take care of the levels of proteins in your body as this is major source of boosting up energy levels in your body. To meet the body requirements of protein amino acid tablets or protein tablets are a good supplement.
These are some of the essential supplements as these are helpful in increasing stamina, power and energy and it also helps in proper metabolism functioning. To maintain the adequate levels are important for a sports person to make their performance even better with the every comin day.

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