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Sleeping Positions that Can Improve Your Health

Sleeping Positions that Can Improve Your Health
Proper sleep is very important for every living being and so is a part of humans. We need a proper sleep of approximately 7-9 hours per day. What sleep does is makes our body relaxed, Releases our stress and allows the different internal organs to work properly. NO matter how much we sleep, but what matters is how we sleep. Have you ever think of the difference that sleeping postures can make to your health. But yes the position in which we sleep affects our health too and even can affect many aspects of our body. Here is a list of some sleeping postures that can help you alleviate all of the ailments like back pain, sinus, blood pressures and other types of body ailments if followed in a proper way.

1. Shoulder Pain: – If you feel pain in either of your shoulders, it is recommended that you should sleep on your pain-free side shoulder with your legs slightly bent. These are the simple ways that can give you relax and you can sleep properly if followed. You can also tuck a pillow between your knees if you wish to need some additional support.

2. High Blood Pressure: – Sleeping posture can really affect the blood pressure, the fact reported by various researches. What the reports say is that sleeping face down can actually lowers the level of blood pressure. This doesn’t mean that one should not discuss the condition with you doctors and take the medication. The sleeping posture is a simple way to lower you blood pressure level.

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3. Sinus Trouble: – If you are fighting with the sinus trouble, you will find difficult to sleep as the mucus pools in your sinuses at night when your head is down and so your sleeping position can be beneficial in this case. The Harvard Medical School recommends a solution for the people suffering from this infection. They recommend to, “Sleep with your head elevated”, by placing one or more pillows.

4. Back Pain: – If back pain troubles you than your sleeping position can make a difference. One simple way to get relief from back pain is lay flat on your back. What else you can do while sleeping is place a pillow under your knees and a rolled up towel under the curve of your back. This will help you take proper sleep and will also help you get relax from the back pain.

5. Digestion Trouble: – Our stomach is slightly on the left side of our body and if we sleeping on the left side, it helps in better digestion as while laying on the left it gets assistance from the gravity about the digestion process and help to get rid of digestion problems.

6. PMS pain: – Especially for ladies, if you are suffering from the painful PMS related symptoms, a proper sleeping posture can help you alleviate the pan. It is suggested to place a pillow under your knees in order to keep you spine from arching too much.

7. Neck Pain: – Providing additional support to your neck can help you get relief from the pain of neck to a great extent. It is helpful to use a small rolled up towel or hand towel under your neck or under your pillow to provide some additional support to your neck and get a better sleep.

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