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Prevent Cold and Flu with Vitamin D

Prevent Cold and Flu with Vitamin D

Usually it is heard that Vitamin C is helpful in cold and flu as it helps prevent it and even for its further causes but studies have now proved that Vitamin D is also a good supplement that is found helpful in preventing from cold and flu. Moreover, Vitamin –D is also termed as very helpful in reducing upper respiratory infections upto some level. So, Vitamin D is also proved as a very good supplement which is can help to prevent various health problems. This study is like a miracle as it has shown various benefits but because of the inconsistent reports there is still a doubt in the minds of many that is Vitamin D really helpful in preventing Cold and Flu infections? Because some of the clinical trials gives the positive result but the others result are not significant. And this creates confusion but still it is reported that Vitamin D is really helpful in preventing respiratory infection and even in treating the acute respiratory infections.

Vitamin D is use by our immune system for producing antimicrobial deterrents which can be responsible for treating many such problems related to cold. But for everything that you take, it is important to know he plenty of warnings as everything have its good as well as bad effects so it is important to know about that in order to stay away from the problems that it might cause. Sunlight is the most important source that is needed for generating Vitamin D but the areas that witness less sunlight in winters, the people living in such places might have weaker immune system as compared to those who witness the proper amount of sunlight. So, such individuals who are lacking with this source are more likely to get infected with various types of viruses in the months of winters. These people really need a supplement of Vitamin D for reducing the effects of viruses and also to stay away from them. When talking about the results that are reported after various trails, then it had never given clear cut results about the benefits and so one cannot trust on a single study completely.

As a conclusion that came out of the review led by QMUL Queen Mary University of London says that the people taking Vitamin D supplements in their balanced diet regularly, none of them experience cold or flu for the whole year and so here the Vitamin D intake is noted as beneficial even more that the vaccination. But we can rely completely on this research. So, still many researches are underway in order to list the complete benefits that an individual gets by taking Vitamin D Supplements. But till than try Having Vitamin D supplements if you are aware of your Vitamin D blood level and if you don’t get exposure to sunlight, in this case Vitamin D will be reported as helpful and the reason why supplements are needed is because your regular diet doesn’t provide you with enough amount of Vitamin D that your body needs. So, consider taking them only if you are one from these cases.

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