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Porridge with Three Grains

Porridge with Three Grains

Healthy eating is what everyone plans for on every second day, but their busy schedule makes it unable for them to follow a healthy diet as time becomes a very big problem these days. And because of this one might lack with the nutrients he should get in his regular diet with health eating and healthy food but doesn’t get it in a normal diet. Knowing about the drawbacks of improper diet because of the busy schedule it became very important for the health specialist to bring in various foods and quick recipes that contains healthy ingredients in it.

Giving you a quick recipe which is a very healthy breakfast and easy to make that saves your time too, we are here giving you a recipe prepared with types of oatmeal in a simple way and also making sure about the balanced nutrient chart letting you stay healthy and adding a good option to your breakfast. The porridge recipe is a good one for a good and a healthy start of the day. With its easy making, full of nutrients, the other good thing about this recipe is you can store this for about 6 months and this makes it easy to prepare when you don’t have so much time for your breakfast. So, here is the quick recipe and healthy recipe:


300g oatmeal

300g barley flakes

300g spelt flakes

Honey and sliced fruits of your choice

How to Make:

A very simple recipe doesn’t need a lot of efforts and a lot of time to make but just a short span of time to prepare a good stock for almost 5-6 months.

  • Heat a frying pan and roast all the types of grains that are oatmeal, barley flakes and spelt flakes in different batches. Roast them for few minutes until golden. And you are done.
  • Leave them for some time to let them cool and store in an airtight container. And your mix grain stock is ready.
  • Now, whenever you want to eat, just add around 50gm of the mixture in a saucepan and add almost 300gm of water and milk to it. Cook for few minutes and give it a regular stir. Your mixed grain porridge is ready to eat. Add honey or sliced fruits of your choice and according to your choice adding some extra flavors to it.
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Nutrients: Fat-2g; Calories-179; Fibre-4g; Protiens-7g; Carbs-32g; Sugar-1g


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