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Nuts : Your Best Friends

Nuts : Your Best Friends

You might be wondering how nuts are our best friends but actually they are because they are full of nutrients and also they are healthy. After lot of researches it is finally recorded that nuts are the heroes in our diet. That doesn’t mean that you should have nuts and nuts the whole day but a proper and a small amount of nuts are really regarded as best for your health and they provide you the benefits that you can never think off. Talking about the benefits that are unknown to you and the ones that make¬†Nuts : Your Best Friends :Various nuts have various amounts and types of fats and so you are getting some fat while you are eating nuts regularly but the fat that you get from nuts is different from the fats that other thing gives you like red meat etc. Nuts contain monounsaturated fat which is almost same as the fat in olive oil or canola oil which is healthy for your heart. And the other types of fats that we mainly get from nuts is polyunsaturated fat which helps in lowering down your cholesterol levels. This shows that the mains and dangerous health issues can be benefited if we eat proper amount of nuts regularly. Nuts are packed with ample micronutrients that includes vitamin E, niacin, copper, folic acid, magnesium, potassium and also arginine (one of the micronutrient that is used by a human to make potent natural vasodilator). Recent researches show that eating a handful of nuts also helps you ward off some of the dangerous health diseases like cancer. So, it is suggested to have a handful of nuts regularly in any form as they can give you and your body unexpected and even unknown benefits. Moreover, through various studies, it is seen that nuts tend to have high Omega 3 fatty acids which lower the risk of strokes and heart attacks. This show how a small amount of nuts can save your life getting destroyed with such problems and so nuts can be considered as the superfood of your diet. Despite the amount of fat that nuts contain, eating a small amount of nuts regularly and fusing them in your diet can really lead to various health benefits. Eating them raw or using them in various dishes doesn’t matter as their benefits remain the same, just the difference is that the taste is according to your choice and you can have a different flavoured and even more healthier meal if you have nuts in your one time meal.
The benefits of nuts are not only limited to the cholesterol levels, cancer of cardiovascular problems but it can boost up your overall health and can help you stay away from various health issues. Everything taken in excess amount can be harmful and so people think about nuts. But a proper amount and quantity of everything you take in your diet is must. So, make nuts your best friends, take a handful of them daily in whichever way you like and stay

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