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Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Banana

Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Banana

A curvy yellow fruit is known for the wide varieties of health benefits that it provides to us. This fruit has been listed as the most famous fruit in the whole world and moreover this is one of the favourite fruit of Americans. Bananas are known to provide huge number of health benefits and the reason is because this yellow fruit is rich in Potassium and a form of fiber known as Pectin, also this is a good source of vitamin C and B6 as well as magnesium. This shows that bananas contain everything that is really helpful in keeping your body away from various health issues. Even it is very much helpful for various internal activities and production of various internal organs as well.

The problems that can be healed by banana are many as it is like an antioxidant that provides good protection to the eyes from various types of free radicals that come in contact with the eyes almost every day and these can harm your eyes but banana is a protectant in this case. It even protects your skin from the sun if used like a lotion and a best conditioner for your hairs. Try applying mashed bananas on your scalp and hairs to get the best benefits and making your hairs even more healthier and silkier.

Apart from the fact of acting as an antioxidant banana also helps in weight loss and works best if eaten on an empty stomach daily. Eating banana can reduce swellings as well. This super fruit which has a lot of benefits related to health is also known for the strengthening of nervous system and also for a good production of white blood cells and also in treating the type 2 diabetes.

The main but many unknown facts and benefits that a banana can provide us are here. Different types of banana color i.e from black to green have different amounts of calories and thus provides different benefits. A banana or two regularly really serves with with a good amount of nutrition facts including iron etc and these are really a very good source of ailment for various health issues and even keeps you healthier and strengthen the bones as well. Other health benefits of banana include various issue that are now common. Because Bananas are rich in fiber and a banana can provide nearly 10% of fiber regularly. So, this helps you in good digestion and weight loss as well. According to various studies it is noted that bananas are good for your heart health because these are high in potassium which helps in proper flowing of blood and beating of heart. The potassium present avoid the hardening of arteries making your heart more healthy. The next benefits that bananas provides is related to vision: like carrots banana also help your eyes in getting the same glory as well as this fruit contains a significant amount of Vitamin A which is really good for the vision of eyes. Next but not the least , banana helps in getting stronger bones because of the calcium that it contains. This fruit contains a good amount of fructooligosaccharides that are the non digestive carbohydrates but these enhance the body to absorb more calcium. Bananas in a way can be good for kidney and this may prevent kidney cancer because this fruit contains high amount of antioxidant phenolic compounds that might help in staying away from such serious health issues.

Make a habit of eating a Banana or two regularly as this fruit packed with all the nutrients can provide you with good health benefits. But this can be risky if you eat too many at a time. As this fruit is packed with the correct amount of nutrition that one needs per day but if you eat dozens per day it may harm you as doing so will increase the levels of Vitamins and minerals which is not good for your health too. So try having one or two bananas a day in your meal to get all it’s nutrients and gets all the health benefits

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