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Lose your Weight with Black Tea

Lose your Weight with Black Tea

We all know the benefits of Green Tea as it is now a very common drink for everyone but like green tea, black tea also provides also provides a lot of health benefits and moreover is a good drink to burn your calories. Though Green Tea is also known for weight lose but recent researches have proved that black tea can also help you get slim waistline. Tea whether it is black, green or white, they provide you with various health benefits and takes you away from various serious health problems. An important fact that you should know about black tea is that if you drink black tea in your breakfast, it will help you burn more calories as compared to its intake at another hour of the day. Green Tea and Black Tea provides almost common benefits but the above fact is one of the unique benefits of Black Tea that is of dropping extra pounds quickly.

All the types of tea are made from the same plant leaves containing flavonoids basically known as catechins which are the primary ingredient of green tea but while producing black tea other type of flavonoid called the aflavins and the arubigins are formed and all the health benefits that we get from black tea are because of these two new flavonoids. And all the researches prove that black tea has a great potential in weight loss. So, when you drink a cup of black tea regularly, you get a good amount of caffeine that is around 30-80mg and this caffeine helps to boost up your energy level and moreover your metabolism is boosted up to around 5-6 percent. The stored fat breaks down because of the lipolysis that is promoted by caffeine and this is the reason why your fats disappear quickly when you have a regular cup of black tea. The weight you reduce by this method helps you not to gain the weight again quickly as you get it when you follow a strict diet for a period but gets it back quickly when you are not able to follow the same for a few days. This shows that the caffeine that is present in the black tea helps you to maintain your body weight for long time period.

Apart from the benefits that caffeine provides, black tea is considered very beneficial for reducing the calories consumption. That means if you replace your sweetened drinks with black tea than the ratio of the calories of both differs and so you tend to consume much less calories even if you add a spoon of honey to your black tea than too you don’t get as much calories as you get from the sweetened drinks. And this tea even keeps you boosted up.

So have black tea to reduce your body weight and get a slim body. Black tea is also good for skin and makes you look young and get other health benefits as well including heart benefits, respiratory illness especially asthma etc. and even black tea is helpful in fighting cancer as because of this the growth of cancer cells reduces. Moreover this tea is helpful for the people having diabetes and reducing cholesterol levels.

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