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How to Increase Hair Growth in 2 Weeks

How to Increase Hair Growth in 2 Weeks

Healthy hairs depict your daily lifestyle of what you eat and how you keep yourself clean and healthy.  To beautify your complete look your hair texture is also very much important. Although the growth of your hairs depends on the genetic factors as well but what you eat and how you take care of them is also very important. To get thick and long hair is what almost 90% of girls wish for and not only girls even boys too have become so conscious that they to give extra attention for getting a healthy body and healthy hairs as well. Thinking about the steady hair growth and improving thickness, one thinks about How to Increase Hair Growth in 2 Weeks. Giving you some tips might solve your problem of getting better and faster hair growth in a very short span of 2 weeks. If you follow these tips on a regular basis you will surely see the change in just few days and this will help you regrow new hairs and makes your hairs longer faster.

  • Always keep your hair in good condition because that will make your hair stronger and healthier. Use hair masks as that will provide proper nutrition to your hairs making them grow faster. Using homemade hair masks are even better for your hairs. Make masks with egg yolk and honey and apply it on your hairs or the other thing that you can do is mix coconut oil or sweet almond oil with honey and apply this very effective mask onto your hairs. Doing such homemade treatments will not only help to grow your hairs but this will also help you to get beautiful, smoother and shiner hairs.
  • Give a regular massage to your hair scalp using your finger tips to improve blood circulation. Make it a routine to give a 5 minutes massage to your scalp. The improved blood circulation will help the roots of your hairs to get stronger and this will also reduce easy breakage.
  • Try to keep your scalp clean by giving a good massage while shampooing so that all dirt comes off and never apply conditioner onto your roots because this might cause hair loss. Scalp is very much important for good hair growth and so it is important to take good care of your hair scalp and avoid applying conditioner on your scalp to protect your roots from damage.
  • Give your hairs warm oil hair massage. This is a simple method and this method will show wonders and is really very effective. Gently massage your scalp using warm oil in circular direction using your fingertips. This will provide your roots proper nutrition and will give better blood circulation too making your hairs stronger and longer. This will also avoid breakage.
  • Not only such treatments can make your hairs healthier and are responsible for good hair growth but what you eat and the quantity that you eat also matters. Your diet plan is also very much important for your overall body health and that includes the health of your hairs too. Eat good amount of proteins that with make your hairs stronger and eat the foods good in nutrition in order to help your hairs get proper nutrition values. Balanced diet is must to keep yourself and all your body organs healthy.
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These are some of the simple and easy tricks for How to Increase Hair Growth in 2 Weeks and these are some of the effective tips that will really help you to grow your hairs in very few days and will make your hairs thick and beautiful.

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