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Home Remedies for Healthy Hair

Home Remedies for Healthy Hair

Having silky, long, beautiful hairs is every girls dream and now even boys also wish to have perfect hairs as having beautiful hairs adds charm to your personality. So, it is really important to take proper care of your hairs regularly in order to have good and perfect hairs. A lot of things matters while you take care of your hairs: it can be related to their protection or how you wash or condition them or the products that you use. These are the basic mistakes that one usually do and carelessness in protection is also the reason of bad hair texture and growth. Before coming to the Home Remedies for Healthy Hair it is really important for each individual to know the right way of shampooing, conditioning and using various hair products.

The first and the main thing is try to give proper protection to your hairs from sun, dust and rain as these can really affect your hair texture making them dry and can really damage your hairs.

The next important step is washing your hairs. Try to make use of mild shampoo and the one that meet the requirements of your hairs. Use cold water instead of hot water while washing your hairs and when conditioning use good conditioner but don’t apply it on the scalp. Make sure you stay soft in managing them whenever you wash your hairs. Never brush wet hairs and always let them to dry completely. This will avoid breakage and damage of the hairs.

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Make sure, you don’t use too many products for your hair care as they can be responsible for damaging of hairs. Even making frequent use of straighteners, curlers can also damage your hair as they make your hairs dry making them rough if used regularly.

These are the basic steps that one should really take care off on regular basis as following these can really help you have less hair loss and better hairs. Apart from these there are some Home Remedies for Healthy Hair that one can do easily and following a few of these remedies will really help to get good hair growth and volume and will also reduce hairfall. So, try following one or two of them and get beautiful hairs. Here are some of the easy to follow and effective remedies for healthy hairs.

1. The most effective remedy for hair growth is onion. Onion is known for the hair growth and applying the juice of grated onions on the scalp regrows the new hairs and this is one of the effective serums till now. Not very much time consuming, it is very easy and effective. What you have to do is grate an onion and strain the juice from that grated onion. Apply this on your scalp and let it stay for an hour or so and then wash your hairs like you do regularly. This will show frequent results and the results are always positive with this method.

2. After knowing about the serum, now it’s time to know about the best hair mask that can be easily prepared at your homes and this mask is really very good for conditioning your hairs and for good growth of your hairs. Serum, conditioner and shampoo these are some of the basic and important steps that one might do weekly for getting healthy hairs. To prepare banana mask mash to medium sized bananas using fork. Also add a tea spoon of milk and apply this banana paste on your hairs and cover them completely with the mask. Let it stay for around 30 minutes and then rinse your hairs. Banana provides potassium to your hairs making them healthier and stronger.

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3. Next, the very good and very effective conditioner that is curd. The reason why curd is proved as a best conditioner is because curd provides your hairs all the necessary nutrients and this help to make your hair smooth and silky. This also helps in removing dandruff from your hairs and prevents hair lose too giving your hairs good strength.

4.  Avoid washing your hairs regularly and give your hairs a good hair massage in order to give a good blood circulation and strengthening of the roots of your hairs. Use a mix of olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil in order to provide all the nutrients that your hairs need and give a good massage weekly or two times a week.

5. Coming to the next tip, this is also simple and easy. What you need to do is take 2 tablespoon of honey and onion juice and apply this mixture on the roots of your hairs. Leave it for an hour and then shampoo your hairs as you do regularly. Honey provides all the minor components that are good for your hairs making them healthier.

These are some of the simple yet amazing tips that one can easily follow to get beautiful long hairs. Try following these Home Remedies for Healthy Hair regularly and see the change in your hairs. Apart from these remedies and tips, a healthy diet is also very much important for healthy hairs and healthy you. So, make sure that you never become careless towards your meals and eat healthy.

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