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Facts to Know about Coffee

Facts to Know about Coffee

Coffee, one of the most common beverage which is also ranked as number two among the list of healthy beverages after water. Considered to be one of the healthiest, this beverage also has its own risk and benefits like all other things. Each and everything that we eat is good for your health only to some extent and overdose of everything can harm your health. But according to many studies there are a number of benefits of coffee consumption. It helps in reducing the progression risk of liver diseases as drinking coffee lowers down the DNA damage and even clears the virus infected cells. So, mainly coffee is very much helpful for those infected with hepatitis C. If we check the results of the highest ranked and the largest study conducted on diet and health, the results show that the group of people who have a daily consumption of six or more cups of coffee had 10-15 percent less mortality rate as this group of people have less risk of death because of heart disease, accidents, infections, respiratory disease, strokes etc. But on the other hand the result of same study show that if people of age 55 or younger have the same daily consumption of coffee the effect is just the opposite of the first one. In this case six and even more cups of coffee daily were the reason that was noted that increased the risk of death. Therefore, the studies concluded that daily consumption of coffee is indeed be responsible for the reduction of the mortality rate but that too only to small extent as to a certain level it reduces the risk of premature death.

Usually, till today it was a myth that the caffeine in coffee can harm our body and may increase the risk of irregular heart rhythm but according to the studies and various researches related to the benefits and risks of coffee consumption regularly it became very clear that “low dose” caffeine doesn’t have bad effects but it acts as a protective shield an helps in having a regular heart rhythm and proper artery functioning. This shows that a lot of facts that were known till date were not true to its full extent as coffee is helpful in many ways if taken in a desired quantity. Moreover, a fact that is also considered in the list of important facts about drinking coffee is that drinking 2-3 cups of coffee daily have half the risk of suicide as compared to the non-coffee drinkers as it really helps in reducing the stress level and the same increases the suicide risk if the daily consumption is more that is 6 or more cups. So, it is very important to have a proper level of consumption not only of coffee but of everything you eat or drink as over dose of anything can harm your body in one way or the other. Though Coffee is considered as helpful especially for the diseases related to heart, respiratory system, liver infections that helps in reducing the risk of liver cancer and also helps in cleaning the cells that will help reduce the risks of various infections but still Coffee is not for everyone. People suffering from glaucoma, gastro esophageal reflux disease and epilepsy should note that coffee can be a bad reactant for them as the caffeine that coffee contains can affect you badly. So, try to stay away from the caffeinated coffee.

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