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Chronic Dry Eye Disorder: Cause and Relief

Chronic Dry Eye Disorder: Cause and Relief

Dry Eye is caused when enough moisture is not produced in the eyes making them dry and this is a very painful condition through which a person goes through. Older age people are more affected by this chronic disorder. There is not a single cause of this disorder but it can affect an individual due to various issues even types of tear can also be a main cause for this problem. Some other main causes that causes this painful disorder even includes the environmental factors in which you live in: dry or smoky environment can be responsible for this problem as this enables the eyes to produce enough moisture making them dry and causing severe pain in your eyes. Even some of the medications that you take and especially the one that women take for birth control etc. can be responsible for the cause of this disorder as such medications dries up your eyes giving you a painful sensation and some medical problems like arthritis, gland disorders, diabetes etc. can also be a major cause of this disorder and generally people with these problem are more likely to get affected by dry eye syndrome. These are the main and general causes of this chronic syndrome which has to be treated in time else this may cause a lot of problems related to visibility etc. as this doesn’t let you concentrate on a thing perfectly. The imbalance caused in your tears due to improper level of mucus and water in your eyes can cause a greater issue.

It is really important to stress more on this issue, on its causes, symptoms and treatment as this is a disorder that can affect any individual due to some of the imbalances caused and by some of the silly mistakes that leads to less production of moisture in your eyes leading to irritation, pain, sensation of dryness, tears, redness of eyes, discomfort, blurry vision and this may even make you feel heaviness in your eyes. These are some of the main symptoms that might lead to this dryness disorder to turn chronic. If you feel any of these symptoms in your eyes you must talk to your doctor and discuss about the condition and problem that you are facing. There are various treatments that will help you get out of this problem and the doctor will treat you accordingly after examining the complete situation. Various treatments that a doctor might suggest are light therapy, inflammatory drugs, insertion of eye that will help eyelids to release tears all day, eye massage that might help to produce moisture in your eyes and they might even give you special contact lens that will allow the eyeball to trap the moisture not letting them dry.

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Besides these treatments and medication, there are few simple hacks that one can do to control this type of disorder and even will also help the eyes to have proper moisture embodied in them and never face such type of disorder. These are simple home remedies that will help you get relief from this problem if it has not reached the chronic level. These include simple spa treatment in which you can place some pieces of cucumbers on your eyes that will give you relief from dryness and irritation in your eyes. Make it a habit of placing cold and raw sliced cucumbers on your eyes which will help you feel relaxed and will help you stay away from various eye problems. Next simple remedy is trying eating foods that have high omega-3 fatty acids as this may help in the production of tears making your eyes dry less and having a cup of coffee too can help in the production of tears because of the caffeine present in it. So, try having a cup of coffee if you feel pain or irritation or any discomfort in your eyes. The other main thing that you should take care off is the brightness of your system screen while you are on work. Make sure the brightness is not so high is almost equal to the light in your surroundings. These three simple home remedies and daily hack will surely help you stay away from various eyes disorders and will help you have healthy eyes.

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