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Best Fat Burning Exercise

Best Fat Burning Exercise

Weight loss is one of the difficult challenges one has to take in their life. One has to be mentally prepared for this before taking this physical challenge. Every other person wants to reduce weight quickly and they really wish to look slim and gorgeous. So, for a steady burning of fat there are various physical exercise that one can do regularly in order to reduce their body weight quickly and for that we are listing some of the best exercises that are really very helpful in burning your body fat in very less time.

Surya Namaskar :- One of the very common and usually practiced asana is one of the basic exercise as this asana not only focus on a particular body part but various other parts too and so this is very helpful in weight loss. Surya Namaskar in a whole comprises of 12 poses in total as each pose focuses on different parts of the body and so, this exercise covers your whole body. This makes you more flexible as its various poses consists of stretching exercises too and so improves the flexibility of muscles. Performing Surya Namaskar properly every morning makes you more active, reduces your level of stress and makes you feel fresh and boosted up for the whole day.

Jogging & Walking : – Walking is common yet a simple exercise that one can include in their routine life. And this is the exercise that helps to reduce body fat from each and every part and so makes you fit. This is one of the simplest exercises for weight loss. Starting gradually and then increasing your frequency with time can really help you a lot in reducing your body weight. So, try to exercise regularly or go for jogging regularly to burn your calories in a short span of time.

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Plank : – An exercise based on your strength and which is really helpful in improving your body strength. This is a good exercise for weight loss which also includes strengthening of muscles too. For doing this exercise you have to kneel upside down on the mat. Keep your legs straight and stretched. Applying force from your hand to elbow portion to your shoulder, raise your body upward and hold the position for 2 minutes. Gradually increase the time with your body strength.

Crunches : – The next exercise that is suggested to you if you are planning a good schedule for weight loss is crunches. This exercise is really important for reducing your belly fat as well. All these exercise known for fat burning are really based on your strength. For this one, lie on your back with folded legs. Put your hands behind your head. Raise your shoulders and your knees inward and then come back to the starting position. Perform this exercise for few times. This will help in stretching for your body muscles and it especially works for stomach fat burning.

Zumba : – This is a form of dance style that will surely give you a way out and will surely help you to reduce your weight quickly. If gyming is not your choice than one of the best option for you is Zumba which you will enjoy with every movement and every step. This is really a good dance style which can help you improve your fitness and this style helps in burning your calories and fats quickly. Moreover, it’s fun to do Zumba and so you will get more relaxed and incorporate more energy in yourself thus improving your stamina also.

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Push-ups: – Every exercise that you do for the quick burning of fat needs strength and that strength increases gradually with time. Push-ups are an exercise that provides stiffness to your loosened muscles and with also helps you reduce your body weight and giving shape to your body. This is very common and a very helpful exercise for burning your body fat.