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Benefits of Water for your health

Benefits of Water for your health

Do you know how important water is for your body? Almost 70% of your body contains water and moreover almost all the organs, cells, tissues because it helps in regulating the body temperature and also in maintaining other functions of the body. And in order to let all your body cells and organs work properly it is important to drink lots and lots of water and also eat various foods that contains water. Though almost 70% of your body contains water than too it is suggested to drink a good amount of water is because your body loses water in various forms like sweating, breathing and digestion and so to maintain that level and to re hydrate which is only possible by taking fluids and drinking water. Even the amount of water that your body needs depends on a number of various factors. Some of those include: climate, health, and physical activities. Listing 5 major important aspects of how water can benefit you health will give you an idea of how important it is to drink water and fluids and why your healthcare suggest you to drink an adequate amount of water regularly.

  1. The first benefit is that Water helps protect your spinal cord, joints and tissues. As it helps in keeping your body tissues moisturised. And this is very much important to keep yourself hydrated in order to keeps various parts and tissues moisturised. Moreover, water acts as a lubricant and cushion which helps to protect your joints and spinal cord.
  2. Next benefit of drinking a proper amount of water regularly is that it helps in proper digestion. Correct, as the whole process of digestion needs water as from the first step of digestion that starts with saliva and than goes on further needs water. So, for proper digestion of food it is important that you have lots of fluids and water in order to maintain the water level of your body. Even water also helps in digestion of soluble fibers that benefits your health by well formed and soft stools that are easy to pass.
  3. Water also helps in removing waste from your body. If you don’t drink adequate amount of water and take other fluids that helps in maintaining the level of water in your body than that can enable your body to excrete waste through urination and other various forms which can affect your kidneys badly and damage them at an early age. So to prevent this problem make sure you drink proper amount of water regularly.
  4. While talking about removing the waste from your body. The other thing that is a major problem comes in many minds is that of constipation. Yes, even constipation can affect your internal organs badly and make their lifespan shorter. Drinking water and taking various fluids helps you get better digestion and even that can help you get rid of constipation. There are great chances of getting relief of constipation by drinking adequate amount of water and water fluids but it might not help you if it is because of some other problem.
  5. Water and other fluids that provides your body in maintaining the level of water in your body also keeps you hydrated and so gives your body more physical stability and helps you from getting dehydrated. Dehydration can be because of less intake of water specially during climatic changes. Intake of excessive fluids can help you get the natural hydration level that you body needs. And the improper intake can lead to various health problems and cause illness because it makes you feel dehydrated as your body organs and cells didn’t get the needed amount of water.
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These are some of the major things that you can face if you didn’t take proper amount of water and intake water fluids and various foods that provides water. And also these are some of the benefits that you get if you take the adequate amount of water. So try to drink the needed amount of water to stay away from the various infection from which you can suffer that also includes infection related to bladder, urinary, stones etc and even from getting dehydrated. It’s also cleans your skin cells and gives you glowing and healthy skin.️

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