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Beneficial Recipes with Cucumber Water

Beneficial Recipes with Cucumber Water

Cucumber, a very common ingredient in salad is really very good for your health as a cucumber is loaded with various minerals, dietary fibers, vitamins and other important nutrients that are really good for your health. So, if you consume it regularly in whichever way that you like be it raw or liquid, it gives you a number of benefits. Cucumber is one of the best sources that help you to keep hydrated all day long and moreover this is good for your skin too. Eating cucumber or drinking cucumber is very helpful for your health and this also gives various health benefits as well. It contains a good quantity of water and so helps in flushing out all the bad toxins from your body and so is known for better digestion. This better digestion helps you to control your body weight and even reduce your excess body weight. Helping you a lot in the process of digestion, cucumber also helps you keep hydrated and so makes you feel active and energetic all day. With all these benefits of cucumber, in this blog we are giving you 2-3 recipes and especially the drinks one can easily make using cucumber water. Try these out according to your choice regularly and see the benefits that this drink provides.

Recipe-1 (For Weight Loss)

This drink is very much helpful in weight loss as it has lemon which is good for cutting the extra fat from the body. The combination of mint, lemon and cucumber works best as mint helps in giving a smooth flow of bile and also relaxed stomach muscles thus cutting down your body fat.

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Cucumber- ½
Lemon – 1
Mint Leaves
How to Make:
• Put some thin slices of cucumber and lemon in a glass bottle or jar.
• Chop some mint leaves and slightly crush them.
• Now, add mint leaves and a pinch of salt in the jar or bottle.
• Pour water in the bottle and refrigerate it for some time.
Your drink is ready.


A light sweetened drink with a good taste is here for you which you can easily prepare as cucumber and apple together gives you a great health benefits and a good taste as well. Apple in this drink regulates blood and sugar levels and it also lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Honey is like a super ingredient In this drink and as a whole this drink act as an antioxidant.

Green Apple-1
Honey- 1tablespoon
Black Pepper Powder
Cinnamon Stick
How to Make:
• Slice the apple into wedges, and thinly slice cucumber as well. Put them in a jar.
• Add honey and pinch of black pepper powder.
• Fill up the jar with water and add cinnamon stick.
• Refrigerate the drink overnight.

These are some of the simple yet good drink recipes that one can easily make using cucumbers and add ones are so basic that they can be found very easily at your home. Enjoy a healthy drink replacing various sweetened drinks as this one will provide you with a lot of health benefits as well and also provide you with a number of minerals and vitamins that are good for your body and better health.

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