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Basic Yoga Mudras for Health Ailments

Basic Yoga Mudras for Health Ailments

Yoga is the best exercise that covers the whole body and movement and stretching of each and every part of the body. Yoga is not only about asana, it also includes various other things and mudras are one of them. With your busy schedule you sometimes don’t get time to do yoga but there are some of the basic yoga mudras that are really very helpful and can help you get quick relief from various health issues that you might suffer at any time of the day. And these mudras are simple and easy to do and the most important thing is that you can do these anywhere while sitting in a meeting, travelling or no matter what but these mudras help you get quick relaxation and the health benefits that these mudras provides are really unexpected.

Yoga mudras are basically the different postures of hands and these mudras specifically have an inner meaning. So, make sure that when you perform these mudras, you perform them in the right way and see the amazing health benefits.

1. Agni Mudra : Agni means ‘fire’ and so is the Agni Mudra. As its name tells it meaning, this mudra is basically known for balancing ‘fire’ elements of the body. This is the mudra that is to be done on an empty stomach. So, make sure that you do this early morning when you have an empty stomach. This mudra is known for weight loss and burning the extra body fats that are present in the body. Performing Agni Mudra regularly even helps you to get better digestion too. All that is related to burning of fats etc. is what Agni Mudra do.

2. Vayu Mudra: Vayu is for ‘air’ and so is the meaning of the term vayu mudra. This mudra is known for balancing the vayu that is air of the body. This mudra helps in getting relief from acidity problems by releasing the excess air from your body. One can perform this yoga mudra at any time of the day or while sitting or standing. This vayu mudra helps in quick relaxation from acidity issues that can cause chest pain.

3. Prithvi Mudra: The mudra whose name itself indicates its meaning that it is related to ‘earth’. Easy to perform and a very basic gesture that can be done easily, this mudra helps in good blood circulation, provides strength to bones and muscles and the most important is that it helps you to increase you level of patience that is really a very important thing that everybody needs.

4. Gyan Mudra: one of the basic mudra whose meaning states that it is related to knowledge and concentration. Make it a habit of doing this mudra daily in the morning as it provides overall benefits as it helps to control your anger, this will make you calmer and that is really good for your health. A best mudra for the students as well as this makes them concentrate more on their studies and their goals. A basic but a useful mudra that everyone should perform regularly.

5. Varun Mudra: With the mudras of agni, vayu, prithvi is the jal mudra which is also called Varum Mudra which mainly balances the ‘water’ elements in your body. This mudra helps your body fluids flow properly and helps you get a glowing skin. Moreover, this also helps in moisturizing your skin making it healthier and beautiful.

These are the most basic yoga mudras that are really helpful for quick benefits and each mudra has a deep meaning so, it is important to perform all these mudras perfectly as these will make you inner health better.

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