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10 Ways to survive cold & Flu Season

10 Ways to survive cold & Flu Season

Winter has approached and weather is freezing cold. In this season, it is common to get affected with cold and flu very easily and a lot people suffer from the same issue. Changing weather affects your immune system directly and you come in contact with number of germs. Feeling low and sick because of cough and cold lowers your energy level and your stamina level experience a drastic downfall. This enables you to perform your work task as you normally do. So, it becomes important to know some facts and basic tips that can really help you to overcome this situation faster and stay healthy for a long time. Here, we list around 10 Ways to survive cold & Flu Season that will really help you stay healthy and fit and also energetic for long.

1.As your immune system gets affected directly with the changing season that makes you feel sick, so increasing the quantity of Vitamin D in your diet can really help you overcome your sickness. Vitamin D that you get from sunlight is good for cardio health and your immune system which you didn’t get in winters because of less exposure to sunlight. Thus taking Vitamin D supplements is better especially during cold and flu.

2.Regular exercise and yoga asana is the best way to relive your body stress and relax your mind which also supports the immune system in a better way. This will not only help you to stay away from cold and flu and getting rid of this but regular exercise will also help you to burn your calories making you fit and healthier.

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3.Winter gives you a great advantage of long nights, you get and take benefits of long nights and give yourself proper rest and a good sleep. A restful sleep can really help you stay away from the cold and flu infections. Even researches have shown the comparison that people who take less than 7 hour sleep are likely to get more affected by cold as compared to those who sleep for 7 hours or more.

4.Make it your daily habit and especially in winter season to use neti pot to clean your nose and flush out everything. Cleaning your nasal passage with help you clear the viral infectants present and this will also make you feel light and causing cold and flu infections. So, make sure you clean your nose every day.

5.In winters taking more liquid like hot water or healing tea can really give good effects on your health. Increasing your amount of liquid in winters can help to dissolve the mucus that is present in you and that might contain germs. Having hot liquids more dissolves the mucus and flush out the excess one. This will clear out the germs present in you reducing your risk of getting infected with cold and flu.

6.The inside air of your homes becomes more dry which gives you an irritating throat. So, in that case either use humidifiers to balance the humidity in your homes or if affected than take a spoon full of honey as honey is antimicrobial and this helps you to get relief from the irritating throat caused because of dry air.

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7.If you feel like getting infected with cold or flu than the best thing that you can do to warm yourself is wear warm socks and make your feet warm. To do this you can also dip your feet in warm water for 5-7 minutes and after drying wear cotton socks. This will transfer good amount of heat to your body and will help you stay unaffected with cold and flu infections.

8.Though it is chilling and it becomes difficult for you to wash your hands frequently but still try to wash your hands with soap and water in order to prevent getting infected by various germs. Let yourself stay clean in order to avoid getting in contact with germs that can affect you with various infections.

9.Eat healthy and stay healthy. This is a very common phrase and this applies here too. Try eating healthy and homemade meals and apart from this avoid sharing while you are eating. Because sharing is the main reason when number of germs come in contact and this can infect you badly. So, try having your own food and a healthy one to stay fit.

10.To make your room warm, you shut all the doors and windows. But try keeping a window or a ventilator of your room open because this will help you stay in contact with the outside fresh air and you will not feel packed in the same room and same air for so long. This will help you get less infected by cold and flu.

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These are the 10 Ways to survive cold & Flu Season and these are the simple strategies that can help you stay uninfected with cold and flu and that can provide you better relief if you are suffering from that.

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